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"Vane pavi melius quam ab leonibus devorari est."

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I've been teaching math since 1979, everything from middle school to college. I have master's degrees in math and math education and a bachelor's degree in history. I graded the national AP Calculus tests for eight years, and I know the course and its peculiarities inside-out. To get in touch with me, please click here.

I've retired from GSA. Here are some of my old math pages from my days working there. They contain links to some of my review sheets and old exams. Some teachers have found the material useful for review.

Algebra 1 Honors
Algebra 2 Honors
AP Calculus (AB)
AP Calculus (BC)

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Henry the quagga, born 20 January 2005.

Harvard zoology professor emeritus Yingele ben Pasim pays his respects at the International Quagga Memorial in Stankwell Falls, Arizona.

Gabe Millay (left), GSA '08, and Picasso, Guiding Eyes School '11